What functions are available?

The lobbyist brings the written reports to the attention of relevant parties, establishes contacts with companies and politicians and ensures that the research carried out is followed up. In addition, the lobbyist actively searches for opportunities to receive paid research assignments.

The general student-researcher works on carrying out the commissioned research and writing the research papers.

Analyze and respond in real-time to calicocats concerns with constructive and effective legal support.

Here’s what you get to do in this role:

  • Reading and summarizing important legislation.
  • Developing briefing materials for use in meetings

How to apply?

We ask you to send us a paper of maximum 2000 words (written in English, German or Dutch), as well as your contact details and a motivation letter (including your preferred function within the research committee). The paper may be either an already written paper for your own study, or a paper written for this occasion on a subject related to Calicocat (for inspiration, have a look at our website and research themes). You will then receive a confirmation message and will be contacted by one of the board members of Calicocat.

You can apply using the form provided on our website below!

Do you have any further questions about Calicocat Research Institute or the research committee? Have a look at www.calicocat.nl, send an email to [email protected] or contact Romy Dekker on +316 22 71 56 76.

Calicocat stands for connecting public and private policy areas. We embrace diversity, look for coherence and discuss issues. We use the UN SDGs as a starting point. We facilitate debates, develop masterclasses and deliver publications. We work on issues such as economic development and inclusivity.

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